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Hi, my name is Stephanie and I work at a popular bedding store. We sell a lot of pillows so I have a lot of experience with them. I know just how important a good pillow is to your sleep as it can make all the difference.  I’ll help you find the best pillow for your needs.  You might need information on how to pick a pillow for neck pain or you might be a side sleeper and need information on how to pick a pillow for side sleepers.  You might also be here to check out some My Pillow reviews.

Like you, I can’t function without a good night’s sleep.  Pillows come in all shapes and sizes and it can be difficult to find one that works for you. My goal with this site is to provide you all the information that you need to find a good pillow.

Before you buy a pillow you have several things to think about. The way you sleep can matter. For example, you may sleep on your side, back, or stomach. You may have neck pain or back pain that impacts the quality of your sleep. Buying a pillow that addresses these concerns is essential to providing you with the sleep that you need. Pillows can be made with various fills such as feathers, foam or synthetic/polyester fibers. Goose down feathers will last a long time and although they are a bit expensive this is an excellent pillow style to buy. If you need support a good spongy memory foam or a Tempur-Pedic can be ideal, but not if you get hot as they can retain heat. A pillow with a higher thread count will be plush and durable. As the thread count goes up, so does the cost so keep that in mind before you buy.

I review big brands on my website such as Isotonic, Classic Brands, Iso-Cool and many more. A couple of pillow models that I recommend include Down Etc Hypoallergenic 50/50 Goose Down as well as the Sleep Innovations Cool Contour Memory Foam Pillow, but there are many others to choose from.  Our most popular review is the Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow.

I cover all the features and information about pillows you need to know about on my site. I hope you enjoy my website and here’s to a good night’s sleep!




Finding the best pillow – we are here to help

Sleep quality is not only determined by lifestyle and health factors. A good night’s sleep requires a good bed and an appropriate pillow to help support our body posture and make us feel more comfortable, during sleeping time.

Many times we find ourselves waking-up in the middle of the night to swap pillow sides and the next morning we end-up feeling tired and drained, like we slept too much or too little, even though we tried to sleep the right amount of hours.

So how do you know which type of pillow is the right one for you?? Of course you need something that will suit your habits and needs as what may work for one individual may not work for another and vice versa.

Here are some factors you need to consider for making the right choice:

The way you usually sleep at night. The body’s position you adapt during sleeping time is factor which helps you decide of the proper pillow thickness. For example, if you normally sleep with your head facing the ceiling, a thin pillow will work at keeping your head is place without it going too much in the front. In case you sleep either on your left or right side, you will need a slightly thicker pillow that will cover the space between the ear and the external shoulder area. If you sleep on your side, we’ve got a page dedicated to finding a pillow designed for side sleepers.  If you sleep on your stomach (with your head on the sides or facing the pillow), choose the thinnest pillow possible. You can also add a second one towards your stomach area to relieve back pain, a sleep expert suggests. Lastly if you swap sleep positions frequently, choose a pillow with an average thickness that fits most sleeping positions.

Kind of filling. This second most important factor when it comes to determining which pillow is the right for you. Here are the most popular filling types:

Down & Feather combination filling. This pillow types are based on a feather mix (coming from the downside and other feathers of duck and goose and are considered to be great for offering firm support. Of course, the more feathers it contains the taller the pillow will be. This type of pillow is also usually less costly than pillows that contain downside feathers only.

Down Alternative pillow types. For those who are allergic to real feathers, these provide almost the same benefits of a down feather pillow, as they contain artificial high quality fibers that resemble the look and feel of real feathers. Primaloft® Deluxe and TCS® Down Free™ are great options from this category.

Artificial filling . These pillows are usually based on a polyester mix and also make good alternative options for those who are allergic to down based pillows. On the downside, they don’t have a long-lasting life and don’t offer as good support as down pillows.

Memory foam pillows. Memory foam is a smart type of pillow designed to adapt to your body’s and head’s position accordingly. This makes it an excellent option for those who would rather sleep on a firm pillow but may have frequent problems with their backs or spines.

Latex pillows . One of the most firm types of pillows that are dust and mold resistant. These pillows can also help support your back and neck properly due to their special design.  If you suffer from neck pain, it’s really important to pick the best pillow for neck pain.

Wool pillows. Also mold and dust mite resistant, these pillows are also renowned for their firmness, even though for those who prefer softer types, this may not be a good option.

Out of these, the most widely used pillow types are down, synthetic fiber and memory foam pillows. If you are looking for something that lasts and is comfortable, down pillows from geese feathers are great, although they are a bit on the costly side. If on the other hand you would prefer something more affordable, synthetic or polyester based pillows are ideal and have the added advantage of not causing any allergies. For those looking for greater support, memory foam or tempur-pedic pillows make good options, even though they are not too heat resistant like others.

The Results

#1 Classic Brands Conforma Memory Foam Pillow Review

Classic Brands Conforma Memory Foam Pillow

As the name suggests, this is a memory foam pillow that carries a 100% CertipurUS seal of approval. This design is ideal for good neck support and the vast majority of people who bought it were very satisfied with the quality and performance. Classic Brands Conforma Memory Foam Pillow is known a great pillow and also is considered to be a great value for money pillow as it offers good features without compromising quality. This is a quality that little brands of this type can offer, and Classic Brands is among them.

The feel of this pillow is considered to be on the medium firm side, which means that it’s not too firm or too soft and suitable for most people. This memory foam pillows differs from the rest of its kind in that it allows air to flow through the foam so the head and the neck don’t get too much heat and you can breathe more easily. The size of the pillow is ideal for bigger kind and queen sized beds. The height reaches 4 inches and is great for those who sleep on the sides or facing the ceiling. Its smart design adapts to the natural angles of your head and spine so you can enjoy a comfortable and easy sleep.  Full review.

#2 Pacific Coast Double Down Around Pillow Review

Pacific Coast Double Down Around Pillow

Pacific Coast is counted in the one of the better pillows. This pillow is based on a feather/down mix on its core, designed to offer good support. This is also extra comfortable without being too squishy. The pillows come in various sizes and thickness options to suit different needs. So whether you are looking for a pillow for a regular size of bed or a king size bed, you will find the right size to match. The pillow is also washable although we have found that some sort of fraying appears on external material after many times of washes. Another slight disadvantage is that it doesn’t get to the pillowcase easily and requires effort but other than that, it’s a good option for its money.  Full review.

#3 Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow Review

Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow

Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow is an excellent choice for those who are concerned in keeping their body temperature on normal levels while sleeping. Although many would wonder how is this possible with a single pillow, the pillow is based on a patented thin “Phase Change Material (PCM)” which is able to adjust to the body’s temperature and fix extremes (too much heat or too low temperature levels). The external material is 100% cotton which means that is mildly breathable. As for the firmness it falls in the medium range if firmness which means that it’s something in-between extra firm and extra soft—perfect for average users. The temperature and firmness remains stable throughout sleeping time. Among its benefits is its 15-year warranty and good value for money. Click here for my full review.

#4 Isotonic Comfort Zone Pillow Traditional Shape Review

Isotonic Comfort Zone Pillow Traditional Shape

If you suffer for neck and back issues on a regular basis and normal pillows don’t seem to help–or even make matters worse, making you feel sore when you wake-up, the Isotonic Comfort Zone Pillow will do the trick and make these issues a thing of the past. You won’t wake-up feeling all these nasty back and neck pains after using it.

Isotonic Comfort Zone Pillow is based on 100% memory foam, which also happens to comply with U.S Patent and Trademark regulations. The pillow is specially constructed to offer a good amount of support to the back and neck and let the air flow freely during sleeping for easy breathing and ventilation in general. The pillow also adapts to your body’s posture and curves for added comfort and less weight on neck and back. The velour cover also can be washed easily.

Among the pros we have found after testing that it:

–Allows sleeping on the sides with ease and no pressure

–The weight is ideal for holding your head properly

–The pillow significantly relieves back and neck problems which tend to worsen after sleeping on wrong types of pillows.

–Provides extra support for the shoulders

–Good value for money pillow

On the downside, this pillow is a bit on the heavy side and may feel too firm for someone. The size of the pillow also doesn’t fit the sizes of most pillow cases, which means that if the pillow case is a bit bigger than the pillow itself there will be a hollow space making the pillow less steady. The size also may look a bit small when placed on bigger sized beds.

#5 Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow Review

Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow is also a lovely choice for those who want to support their necks and backs and minimizing pains after waking-up. The design and construction is ideal for those who tend to sleep on the right or left side of the bed or on their back. On the other hand, this pillow does not particularly stand out for its long-lasting life and has a weird smell which many people might find offensive.

Here is a detailed overview of the pros and cons


–Designed no to cause any allergies

–Dust mite resistant

–Neither too firm not too soft

–Features two erected edges with various heights, according to the individual’s preference.

–Ideal for back sleepers

–Open cell system offers a lightweight and airy texture

–High quality material


–Design that adapts to your body’s natural angles

–Machine washable


–Non memory type of foam which means that the shape is not steady and fixed

–Feels too lightweight

–May split or damage after washes, even when proper cleaning instructions are followed

–Weird, offensive smell that doesn’t go away easily, even after using special fresheners or after washes.

–Not as long-lasting as other types of pillows and may not last for more than a couple of years

Overall, the pillow is a good option for those who have back and neck issues and are looking for lightweight comfort and support, but those who are looking for something more firm and long-lasting this may fall short on expectations.

#6 Dream Supreme Plus 100% Gel Filled Pillow Review

Dream Supreme Plus 100 Gel Filled Pillow

If too firm and steady pillows are not your thing, this pillow is targeted to sensitive users who prefer something more gentle. This features a polyester gel type of fill that offers adequate support regardless of sleeping position e.g. sleeping on the sides, on the back or on your stomach. While the pillow is not too firm, it tends to be on the heavy side and many not feel fluffy enough for some.


–Quite soft and comfortable due to its internal polyester gel type material

–Slightly thicker than down and feather pillows

–Designed not to cause any allergic reactions (hypoallergenic)

–Dust-mite resistant properties

–Machine washable

–Can easily change shape to suit different needs of support and sleeping positions

–High thread design which keeps it nice, clean and extra long lasting. Doesn’t let dirt and impurities enter inside the pillow easily

–Less costly comparing to other types of pillows with similar properties

–Provides average support


–Inadequate neck support. The design doesn’t allow proper neck support so if you have any neck issues, this might not help or might even make neck issues worse.

–The filling is not too dense and rich. We have found that placing your fingers on the back and front they will almost meet each other due to its low density filling.

–They only come on one single size (regular) and may not fit smaller or bigger king size mattresses properly.

Overall, this is good for those who are looking for a comfortable good night’s sleep and something affordable but may not be ideal for those who are looking extra firmness and support, especially those with chronic back and pain problems.